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The Korean Beauty Wellness Association

As a registered non-profit trade association of educators, owners, operators, manufacturers and distributors in beauty and wellness industry,  KBWA provides its members with various networking events, quality education, and opportunities to serve the industry and community. KBWA keeps striving to advance the industry through diverse programs and initiatives.


KBWA promotes the exchange of ideas and people. The KBWA organizes and promotes a variety of international exchange programs that enable its members and partners to attend academic workshops, international conferences, and any activities to share knowledge and ideas relative to beauty and wellness.


KBWA is proud to partner with some of the most successful and visible individuals and organizations in Korea and around the world. Our partnerships are built to be dynamic and flexible and achieve results for both KBWA and our partners.


KBWA also provides a salon and consulting services for those who want to start or add a Korean style (K-beauty) esthetic salon or spa business. With a team of experts with experience and knowledge in design, products, training, and operation, the consulting team provides investors, owners, collaborators, or operators with a set of services including branding, design, operations, treatment development, product designation and training on a turn-key or partial service contact basis. Find out what KBWA frequently offers. We also welcome any suggestions or proposals from those who want to co-work with us for mutual benefits.


KBWA offers a variety of K-Beauty training courses. KBWA, in cooperation with its major school members and top experts in beauty and wellness industry in Korea and around the world, offers highly elaborated training programs for beginners and intermediate level beauty and wellness professionals.

Main courses of KBWA’s training program include Basics and Trends in K-Beauty, Korean Style Face and Body Treatments, Styling Make-ups, Basic and Advanced Aromatherapy, Holistic Treatments, and Salon Management. Major programs are offered in Jeju, and often in Seoul, Korea.

KBWA has recently been quite active in Circuit (or Visiting) Training Programs  that are offered abroad on invitation by local partners in such regions as Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and some of European countries. Explore what KBWA offers to you.


Experience KBWA’s special tour programs! KBWA offers Study Tour programs which cater to a wide range of group types, interests and sizes providing opportunities for participants to have unique educational experiences.
We also welcome any suggestions or proposals from those who want to co-work with us for mutual benefits.