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The Korean Beauty Wellness Association


Welcome to the Korean Beauty Wellness Association!

As a community of beauty wellness professionals in Korea, we have served to meet the varying needs of our members and partners both from domestic and overseas countries. We have recently put a bit more emphasis on sharing knowledge and skills about Korean style beauty and wellness treatment modalities, mostly arranging on-demand classes through K-beauty academy which is an education arm of the KBWA. 

In collaboration with experts in the field, KBWA also strives to standardize and refine many of local treatment methods and techniques.  For this purpose, we organize and invite professionals to seminar events.

As a community of professionals, we welcome any input of ideas from members and non-members. We are quite willing to cooperate with individuals or organizations on the basis of mutual benefits. 

KBWA will always remain to serve you, abiding by its causes for integrity and honesty as well as professionalism.

Thank you for your kind supports.


Jenny (Hyun-joo) Lee, Ph.D.
The Korean Beauty Wellness Association