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The Korean Beauty Wellness Association

KBWA Faculty Members

Korea's top-notched experts in beauty wellness industry.
NameField(s) of Expertise
Jenny H. Lee, Ph.D- Skincare
- Detoxification
- Aromatherapy
Jennifer H. Yoon, Ph.D- Medical Esthetic
- Skincare
- Body Treatments
Lim, Sang-hee- Skincare
- Intimate Area Care
- Body Treatments
Stella N. Kim- Skin & Body care
- Waxing
Yoon, Hye-kyung - Skincare
- Makeup
- Nail
Park, Seo-yeon- Makeup
- Skincare
- Spa Treatments
Kim, Seung-ah - Semi-Perm. Makeup
- Waxing
- Skincare












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